Muddy Bird

Welcome to my shop.  Here you will find unique, individually hand-carved, functional and decorative pottery.  Each piece is heavily inspired by the beauty of nature. 

As a small-batch potter, I am always working to update my shop with new pieces.  

If you visit at a time when I have a low inventory, please follow me on Instagram for scheduled restock announcements. 

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The Story of Muddy Bird Pottery

Hello.  My name is Suneen. I am a small batch potter and ceramic sgraffito artist. 

I began working with clay at the age of twelve.  My 7th grade ceramics class was a thrill, and my teacher was incredibly encouraging, awarding me with a plaque that year, entitled "Most Imaginative." 

About five years ago, my love for pottery was rekindled at a local artist's studio and little by little since then, I have acquired the tools and equipment needed to establish a home studio.  It has been an incredible journey that continues to challenge and excite me.

I absolutely love the feel of mud on my hands and the experience of watching each and every piece transform before my eyes.  Working with clay is a thrilling adventure for me to this day. The possibilities and techniques are truly endless.